Team Scaling

We’ve Got the Solution to the IT Talent Shortage – Let Us Help You Find the Best Candidates Today!

Companies with a major business in digital product or platform encounter severe pressure of quick delivery and improved digital experiences to customers and compete speedily in the market.

The perfect solution is hiring the available best professionals, raise powerful teams and give them the necessary tools alongside steps needed to accomplish this. Yet, companies are aware that building, scaling, and retaining an effective team can be overwhelming and a costly endeavor in the present market.

The ideal choice depends on pro as a technology partner skilled in working in a coordinated and organized way “alongside” your developers, capable of proferring solutions to scalability problems. 

Actually, Team Scaling is beyond “body rental” that rents one “development craftsmen” left alone and inadequately paid or a network of freelancers. 

We become your company’s plug-in, bringing talented experts constantly and undergoing training and good work practices enthusiasts, tools and processes accurately aligned with yours. We widen your programmers’ team for developmental speed and empower your internal team through best practices application and being responsible for delivery of quality work.

Therefore, Team Scaling is a true consultancy with the likelihood that our customers’ developers gain access to DevExpress frequent internal training sessions. Together, we become a special team. The Team Scaling staff, solely comprised of full-time and permanent employees located in Albania: senior Backend, Frontend and DevOps developers.

Our Values

Our team members emanate from different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives about the world; however, at Team Scaling, we share six values that form the basis of all we do.

Be interested

We fully invest in our jobs, relationships and communities, so no half-done jobs. Because what is worth doing, it is worth doing excellently.

Think Future

We know that first impression matters; this gives us the motive for continuous satisfaction. This implies thinking and planning for years to come on projects and internally.

Take Responsibility

We are responsible for the success of all we do: right from products creation to company establishment. In Team Scaling, there’s nothing like “it’s not my problem”.

Problem Sharing

Life has a lot of good and bad times. However, Team Scaling members are always there for each other. We act with kindness, empathy and respect and share our troubles leaving nobody alone both on a professional and personal level.

Teach and Learn

A rapid movement exists in the software development world; therefore, we are constantly learning and improving our skills. Our professionalism and knowledge are intentionally spread; thus, the capability of all in Team Scaling increases.

Act Transparently

We feel accountable to our customers and ourselves. This implies being honest and transparent in all aspect, even if it doesn’t go well or several choices exist. It’s the best decision.