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Express Digital Experience

Delivering digital transformation by redesigning  services and products to have a real impact.

We create a vision for the experience you want to deliver by helping your business to understand the context, users, their needs and behaviours. Then form the plan to make it happen.

Our Services

We deliver experiences that help businesses reach outstanding digital transformation.
Providing digital solutions that can be feasible and truly viable.

Web Development

A well-designed website is essential for reaching a larger audience and generating more leads in the market area. These are the minor details that help a business win the confidence and trust of its customers.

Team Scaling

Articulating your vision and living your values helps create the final ingredient of a successful team: an effective culture. Organizational culture is the summation of how our team-members interact and works together towards a final goal.

Training & Consulting

Analyzing, documenting and capturing every experience. This information is the key to building a successful team and reach high performances in creating and designing products appealing to the market.


Ecommerce Experts

Optimizing and strategizing the best marketing campaigns is the key to becoming a successful business and reach out to the customers. Through our expertise, your business will be able to win the market’s trust.

Mobile Development

It’s in your hands, easy to access all the information and make decisions on the fly. A business can quickly provide quality services to their clients, appeal to a vast target audience and promote building an efficient app marketing strategy.


Digital Transformation

The fundamental change to the market is finally here. It is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in great changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers.

Our mission

We started DevExpress Albania in 2018 to provide digital solutions and system integrations in diverse industries. 

In 2020 during COVID-19 we stood strong and supported many of our clients with unknown business challenges during this period by applying digital and innovative solutions by creating different systems, mobile applications, online stores, logistic applications and integrations. We gained our clients trust by proofing that we are passionate, dedicated and having strong business focus.

Our mission is to be always customer’s first choice to achieve their goals through solving their prominent problems, enhancing software development processes and giving room for development through creating cutting-edge technology and innovative means of working.

Use Cases

Founder of DevExpress Albania, Klajdi Sharka, has proven track record of success and extraordinary achievements in following cases.  
Our best practice techniques can be applied to your business, in the right way, to help you run your business more efficiently.

Nexi Business, Feature Implementation

ECommerce, Integrations

Multi Channel Ecommerce Platform

Store Management, Optimisations