Who we are ?


We started DevExpress Albania to provide digital solutions and system integrations in diverse industries.

In 2020 during COVID-19 we stood strong and supported many of our clients with unknown business challenges during this period by applying digital and innovative solutions by creating different systems, mobile applications, online stores, logistic applications and integrations.

We gained our clients trust by proofing that we are passionate, dedicated and having strong business focus.

Our mission is to be always customer’s first choice to achieve their goals through solving their prominent problems, enhancing software development processes and giving room for development through creating cutting-edge technology and innovative means of working.

Our mission is not just to deliver solutions, but to create a solid partnership based on human values.


Founder Of DevExpress Albania​


Partnership with our customers goes beyond technology. 

We partake  in our customers’ day-to-day activities, collaborating in establishing superior digital products at the center of their business.


We started as small business by providing only digital solutions.

We want to continue by providing our services to our clients by creating a comfort zone where they can find reliable solutions in anytime.