Consulting and training

For Tech Companies, we proffer tech solutions and enhance team processes.

We are passionate and professional in achieving this via mentoring, consulting and training. Our founder’s committed consultants team are devoted to guiding some specific clients. As an expert, we address subjects like team management, cloud and application architecture, workflows, invention of new digital products, technology stack, Talent Acquisition & Retention, etc.

Expert Call

Are you battling with a challenge(s) and require consulting or a plan B? Book a one-hour zoom call where we can discuss your challenge or consult you on how to solve it. Because these sessions provide clarity, encourage action, and minimise stress in a short but great time quantity, our clients love it.

CTO as Service

All CTO performs in the Tech field "as a Service" mode, alongside part of the cost is to monitor your project or tech department with regular sessions to solve critical problems. A CTO will be present in appealing for your decision through regular scheduled zoom calls, research and analysis, plus several service levels.

Sprint Zero

Sprint Zero is the projects initial phase: planning, preparation and training consultancy that proves the project feasibility and accurately coordinate new products, services and digital platforms development. Sprint Zero provides an in-depth knowledge of the software application development as well as costs, timelines, growth estimates, risks and a first prototype with Low Code/No Code.

Best Operations Analysis

A customised audit of the technology stack, Cloud infrastructure with its costs, IT operations, team, processes, code and/or accumulated technical debt to spot problems, areas for improvement and hidden costs. A rigorous report will be provided alongside a compilation of recommendations needed for your team and a platform for goal attainment.