Nexi Business

Nexi Business is an application dedicated to merchants, which allows them to manage and monitor their business at any time and place. With this app you can monitor every transaction. It has different sectors like POS trasactions, ecommerce stores, collecting payment by different ways such as Pay-By-Link. Advanced business reports which allow analyzing performace of your business.


One of the most important features related with security and functionality was to replace old OTP popups. There were different popups components. Each component handle a specific flow of processing OTP and data submissions. This thing had created a mess on code, creating a high risk for application security and very hard to be maintained.


This feature has been tricky to be implemented starting from designing until implentation of functional requirements.

We had to create from scratch a popup for web and a sliding popup for mobile version by maintaing current code architecture. The real problem that we had to solve was related with 23 flows where OTP was required, but each flow has a different way to be processed until to OTP code validation and data submission. We had to implement different mechanisms and bulding custom middlewares which handle requests before OTP and submiting request after One Time Password validation.