Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin offers a wide range of services and products to help out with your home environment by offering local artisans to help you with the installation of the products. They offer services that facilitate the purchase, payment transport, installation or assembly of customized products that will make your home look fresh for the years to come.


Optimizing their appointment system which manages customers and appointments for all Leroy Merlin stores in Italy. The process of creating an appointment or finding an available date was taking too much time to be computed. For this thing we had to also take care of was whether customer wanted to change their appointment and finding another day or time slot. The old system worked by selecting a date range and checking all available time slots in each day. So, if the date range was too long, it was slower, if it was short, it was faster. To avoid this, we offered another solution which is not dependent on date range.



We reduced the time of scheduling appointments and availability check for workers by optimizing current algorithms that can find a suitable time for customers and suppliers.
This algorithm was optimized only by computing available time slots for each worker based on their services and estimations. All daily time slots are saved on Elastic Search, so if a new appointment is scheduled in a specific time slot, this time slot will be excluded from Elastic. This solution has optimized the process of scheduling an appointment by showing directly available time slots without making calculations and database queries.